Photos - Registry Opening

Bridget Kriner notarizes the Domestic Partner application for Sarah Bartholomew and Lee Fisher. 
Prosperity Social Club held a pre-registry party so applicants could get their paperwork ready for opening day.
(Photo by Brian DeWitt, 5/3/09 at Prosperity Social Club)

Doug Braun and Brian DeWitt fill out the application to become
domestic partners.  They have been together since May 11, 1989.
(Photo by Sarah Bartholomew, 5/3/09 at Prosperity Social Club)

Jim Baxter and Jaime McDaniel show their notarized application to become domestic partners.
(Photo by Doug Braun, 5/3/09 at Prosperity Social Club)

Ask Cleveland volunteers (blue shirts) and volunteers from the Cleveland 
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center 
(red shirts) celebrate opening 
day of Cleveland's domestic partner registry.  The LGBT Center organized the 
events for the opening day of the registry.
(Photo by Brian DeWitt, 5/7/09 at Cleveland City Hall)

Will Edmondson (blue shirt) does what Ask Cleveland does best - talk to voters.
(Photo by Brian DeWitt, 5/7/09 at Cleveland City Hall)

On Registry Opening Day, Ask Cleveland collected postcards from Cleveland residents
who support Cleveland adding protections based on gender identity  and gender expression. 
As of July 4, over 1000 cards have been collected.  These will be delivered to Mayor Jackson
and the members of Cleveland City Council.

Ask Cleveland also collected over 1,300 postcards in support of Ohio's Equal
Housing and Employment Act (House Bill 178).