Election Day Success

November 3, 2009 was a great day for Clevelanders who care about Transgender Equality.

We were at 20 different polling places, talking to voters about Transgender Equality.  Volunteers worked 86 shifts of 3 hours each.  That's 258 hours!  Volunteers ranged in age from high school students to a married couple in their 70s who are staunch allies of the LGBT community.

At the end of the day Ask Cleveland collected 824 postcards.  These were added to the 288 collected on September 8, Cleveland's Primary election.

Previous canvassing efforts yielded 793 cards from 18 canvasses.

The other 601 cards were collected at 21 events, large and small.  These events included Cleveland LGBT Pride (96 cards),
Black Pride (19 cards), and the Hessler Street Fair (79 cards).

So here is the total number of postcards collected from Clevelanders:

824  November 3 Election Day
288  September 8 Primary Election
793  Eighteen Canvasses
+ 701  Over twenty seperate events
2606  Total Cleveland Cards                                (And this does not include over 200 cards from non-Clevelanders.)

The 2606 cards were delivered to Cleveland City Council members on November 9, 2009.  The
following table shows the distribution.  The last column indicates the number of canvasses, plus
the number of polling places on September 8, plus the number of polling places on November 3.
It omits postcard collection efforts that are not directed toward specific wards.  This table shows
the breadth of our efforts.

More detailed data than we have on voter turnout during our shifts -- the greatest variable in our
productivity at various election day sites -- would be required to draw sound conclusions about
variations in levels of voter support from one ward to the next.  But we can offer a few preliminary
observations based on feedback from election day volunteers, who reported high rates of voter
support for transgender rights citywide.  In wards we canvassed with a mix of African American
and white neighborhoods, we found slightly higher rates of support in predominantly African American
neighborhoods.  We have yet to undertake statistical analysis of most of our canvass data, but data
from Ward 11 shows that 73% of residents we spoke with on canvasses signed postcards in support
of transgender rights.


2010 Ward#

2009 Incumbent / 2010 Council member
Number of Cards collected   Number of times
   Ask Cleveland 
  went to this ward
1 Pruitt / Pruitt 169 5
2 Wilkes / Reed 59 4
3 Cimperman / Cimperman 167 2
4 K. Johnson Sr / K. Johnson Sr 56 2
5 Cleveland / Cleveland 156 5
6 Mitchell / Mitchell 145 3
7 Dow / Dow 85 2
8 Cloud / J. Johnson 156 2
9 Conwell / Conwell 161 2
10 Miller / Miller 226 4
11 Polensek / Polensek 336 4
12 Brancatelli / Brancatelli 54 2
13 Kelley / Kelley 198 5
14 Santiago / Cummins 64 1
15 Zone / Zone 75 1
16 Westbrook / Westbrook 113 1
17 Brady / Brady 34 0
18 Sweeney / Sweeney 204 3
19 Keane / Keane 148 3
  Reed / (moved to Ward 2)

Cummins / (moved to Ward 14)

An important note.

Ask Cleveland's work has never been just about collecting postcards to give to members of council.  It is about giving every Cleveland resident we meet the opportunity to become an active supporter of LGBT rights.  We're continuing to give Clevelanders those opportunities, by calling through our lists of postcard signers to invite them to attend meetings with their council members to lobby for passage of the transgender rights ordinance, and by encouraging them to express their support by calling their council members.  And we're continuing to reach into parts of the community where nobody's ever gone before to ask people to support LGBT rights, like the Euclid Park North block club in Ward 10.