Photos - Election Preparations

Preparing for November 3, 2009 Election
Day to support Transgender equality

Jenn Dowd, Sara Bartholomew, Lee Fisher

Sarah Bartholemew

The Election Day volunteers need a lot of materials.  A T-Shirt (available for only $10, contact
identifies the volunteer as a member of our campaign.  The supply box also contains a poll book which has a map of the
area, rules for being at a polling location, a schedule for the day, and directions to the debriefing and party afterwards.

On Election Day we will ask voters to sign a postcard to indicate her or his support for transgender rights.

The volunteers who helped with Election-Day preparation:  Lisa Hazirjian, Lee Fisher,
Sarah Bartholemew, Trisha Dykers-Koenig, Brian DeWitt.  Not pictured are Jenn Dowd and Doug Braun.

The cat will be happy when Election Day is over because all the Ask-Cleveland
stuff will be out of the house.